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Find your soulmate this Valentine's Day with our beauty power pairs, meticulously crafted to complement the other, delivering harmonious results that will turn heads. Plus, romance-infused hair and nail looks to radiate confidence and make them swoon. Because darling, you deserve to be the heartthrob of your own love story! ❤️
Wella Professionals revolutionary BlondorPlex formula features Bond Builder Technology that provides up to 9 levels of lift and up to 97% less breakage, when paired with WellaPlex No.2 Bond Stabilizer. BlondorPlex is formulated to lighten and protect, with anti-yellow molecules to balance orange and yellow undertones. Follow BlondorPlex lightening services with WellaPlex No.2 Bond Stabilizer from roots to ends. Process 10 minutes for maximum benefits.
Elevate salon color services with Wella Professionals Color Motion+ Pre-Color Treatment. Formulated to balance porosity, strengthen, smooth and prep the hair for color application. Follow lightening and color services with Wella Professionals Color Motion+ Post Color Treatment. Works in 30 seconds to optimize pH, strengthen hair structure and improve color molecule retention.
Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Overnight Repairing Serum with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide provides instant hydration to revive dry, damaged hair. Discover the power of a Penetraitt cocktail and pair with Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Repair Treatment Mask. The Penetraitt System strengthens and fortifies stressed hair against damage and transforms dry, dull hair into soft and shiny hair, overnight.
BALAYAGE + BABYLIGHT​ Wella Professionals BlondorPlex​ Welloxon Perfect Developer 6% (20 vol.)​ ​ WellaPlex No. 2 Bond Stabilizer​ROOT SHADOW​ Shinefinity 05/98 + 06/0​ Shinefinity Activator​GLAZE​ Shinefinity 09/61 + 09/81​ Shinefinity Activator​
CARE​ Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner​
STYLING​ Sebastian Professional Potion 9​ Sebastian Professional Dark Oil
LIGHTEN​ Wella Professionals Blondor Multi Blonde​ Welloxon Perfect Developer 6% (20 vol.)​ ​ GLOSS​ Shinefinity 08/34 + 07/59 + 09/36​ Shinefinity Activator​
CARE​ Wella Professionals INVIGO Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner.​ WellaPlex No. 3 Hair Stabilizer​
STYLING​ Ghd Soft Curl Curling Iron 1.25”​ Sebastian Professional Trilliant Spray
LIGHTEN​ Koleston Perfect Me+ ​10/96 + 10/16​ Welloxon Perfect Developer 12% (40 vol.)​ ​ TONE​ Koleston Perfect Me+ ​10/95 + 0/65​ Welloxon Perfect Pastel 1.9% (6 vol.)​ 4:1 Ratio​
CARE​ Wella Professionals Color Motion+ Shampoo, Conditioner​ Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask, Rose Blaze​
STYLING​ Wella Professionals INVIGO Miracle BB Spray​ EIMI Perfect Me Hair Lotion
LIGHTEN​ Wella Professionals BlondorPlex​ Welloxon Perfect Developer 6% (20 vol.)​ ​WellaPlex No. 2 Bond Stabilizer​TONE​ Illumina Color 9/60 + 10/1​ Welloxon Perfect Pastel 1.9% (6 vol.)​ ​ CREATIVE​ Color Fresh Create ​High Magenta + Nu-Dist Pink​
CARE​ Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, Miracle Hair Rescue.​

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