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15 Color Touch Shades Every Stylist Needs

Wella Professionals Color Touch is a low maintenance, multi-dimensional, demi-permanent haircolor offering up to 50% gray coverage. A comprehensive and versatile portfolio, offering an extensive range of shades, gentle formulas and predictable color vibrancy. With everything Color Touch has to offer, from vibrant pops of color, subtle neutrals and sophisticated blends... how do you choose the right shades for your salon? Follow along as we share 15 Color Touch shades EVERY stylist needs and the perfect foundation for any salon portfolio.
With a variety of shades to choose from, we asked salon professionals to share their top must-have shades and divided them into three categories... Shine, Refine and Deposit. The essential 'starter kit' and foundational shades to build upon as you expand your Wella Professionals Color Touch salon collection.


  • Color Touch 0/00 Clear Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 10/3 Lightest Blonde/Gold Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 10/34 Lightest Blonde/Gold Red Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 10/73 Lightest Blonde/Brown Gold Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 7/3 Medium Blonde/Gold Demi-Permanent


  • Color Touch 0/68 Violet Blue Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 9/86 Very Light Blonde/Pearl Violet Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 8/81 Light Blonde/Pearl Ash Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 7/1 Medium Blonde/Ash Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 7/86 Medium Blonde/Pearl Violet Demi-Permanent


  • Color Touch 0/34 Gold Red Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 6/45 Dark Blonde/Red Red-Violet Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 6/3 Dark Blonde/Gold Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 4/77 Medium Brown/Intense Brown Demi-Permanent
  • Color Touch 3/68 Dark Brown/Violet Pearl Demi-Permanent


Combine Wella Professionals Color Touch and Color Touch Emulsion, 1.9% (6 volume) or Color Touch Emulsion 4% (13 volume) in a 1:2 Mixing Ratio. Process for fifteen minutes with heat or twenty minutes, without heat. Select the developer based on the desired end result.
For color depositing services, glazes and toning applications, reach for Color Touch Emulsion, 1.9% (6 volume). If a subtle brightening, lightening gray coverage or increased vibrancy is desired, select Color Touch Emulsion 4% (13 volume). The alkaline demi-permanent characteristics of Wella Professionals Color Touch delivers the ultimate tool for color creativity behind the chair.

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