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Color Touch vs. Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze

In the vibrant world of hair color, two demi-permanent color lines within the Wella Professionals portfolio stand out for their versatility and dynamic color results. Offering distinct finishes and color capabilities, Wella Professionals Color Touch and Shinefinity cater to different needs and preferences within the realm of demi-permanent color. In this article we explore the similarities and differences between the two color lines, service menu opportunities and how to deliver beautiful color results for every salon guest.


Wella Professionals Color Touch is a low maintenance, multi-dimensional, demi-permanent haircolor offering up to 50% gray coverage. A comprehensive and versatile portfolio to create high shine and stunning results. Enriched with natural keratin and ammonia free, Wella Professionals Color Touch promotes artistic creativity and results with an alkaline composition. Color Touch may be used in a variety of techniques within the salon ranging from tonal transformations, color corrections, balancing, neutralizing and enhancing color results. Delivering a (slightly) more saturated finish versus Wella Professionals Shinefinity, Color Touch is the perfect choice in a variety of professional salon scenarios.
MIXING: Combine Wella Professionals Color Touch + Color Touch Emulsion, 1.9% (6 volume) or Color Touch Emulsion 4% (13 volume) in a 1:2 Mixing Ratio. Process for 15 minutes with heat or 20 minutes, without heat. Select the developer based on the desired end result. For color depositing services, glazes and toning applications, reach for Color Touch Emulsion, 1.9% (6 volume). If a subtle brightening, lightening gray coverage or increased vibrancy is desired, select Color Touch Emulsion 4% (13 volume). The alkaline demi-permanent characteristics of Wella Professionals Color Touch delivers the ultimate tool for color creativity behind the chair.
COLOR TOUCH PLUS: Wella Professionals Color Touch Plus brings additional color opportunities to the demi-permanent portfolio with 20% more coverage than Color Touch. Offering up to 70% gray coverage for salon guests looking to combat stubborn gray hairs, with low commitment coverage versus permanent haircolor.
TECHNOLOGY: The Tri-Spectra Color Complex of Wella Professionals Color Touch is ideal for intense, rich color results. A versatile salon tool you can customize, based on formulation, application and processing time. The alkaline components and characteristics of Color Touch can be used in ways Shinefinity cannot, depositing (slightly) deeper into the hair strand and delivering rich saturation with "lift and deposit" capabilities. By selecting Color Touch Emulsion, 1.9% (6 volume) or Color Touch Emulsion 4% (13 volume), the desired "lift", saturation, vibrancy and finish can be customized for every salon guest.


Wella Professionals Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze is a demi-permanent color glaze, delivering shine you can feel.  A clean, vegan formula with balanced pH technology and a no drip, gel-cream consistency.  Discover up to 250% shinier hair and up to 50% smoother and softer hair, with true to tone results.  Zero lift, zero silicones, zero damage, zero alcohol, zero ammonia, zero direct dyes and zero parabens. Enhance your service menu, increase revenue, and leave your salon guest with silky, shiny hair at their next salon visit.


IT’S GENTLE: Wella Professionals Shinefinity is suitable for every hair type: fine and fragile to course and dry. And the shine? It is anything but ordinary.  Thanks to a unique formulation, Shinefinity delivers a healthy-looking, never artificial, shiny result, conditioning while it works. The perfect match for salon guests who love to have color, but fear breakage and split-ends. 
BALANCED PH TECHNOLOGY: Wella Professionals Shinefinity is carefully designed to maintain an optimal acidic pH level: no lower than 6.5.  #PROTIP: When pH is too low, unpredictable color results may occur – especially on high porosity hair. Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze begins with a mildly alkaline pH, to help the cuticle swell and let the color in, before dropping to a gentle acidic range, to ensure zero lift and zero damage.
SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIRCOLORS: Wella Professionals Shinefinity can be applied to all hair types: virgin, colored and pre-lightened locks. The perfect addition to any salon service to increase revenue and deliver beautiful shine. #PROTIP: Balance porosity and enhance hair surface with Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Pre-Color Treatment prior to color service. Ensure stunning results and enhance overall longevity.  HOW TO APPLY: Spray Pre-Color Treatment on unwashed, dry hair, concentrating on porous parts. Dry hair lightly with a hair dryer. Continue with color application.
MAINTAINS THE CHARACTERISTICS OF NATURAL HAIR: One of Shinefinity's most alluring features is its ultra-natural finish.  Zero-lift technology means zero lift to the natural hair, preserving natural highs and lows to deliver ultimate shine and reflect. Shinefinity is known for it's translucent finish and the perfect choice to achieve beautiful results.  
Mixing and application is easy and the processing time ranges from 5-20 minutes, depending on desired end results. Wella Professionals Shinefinity is mixed in a 1:1 mixing ratio, allowing the choice between a Brush & Bowl Activator or Bottle Activator, solely based on application preference. The choice in activator is simply based on viscosity. The Shinefinity Activator % or volume, remains the same when choosing between the two, versus Color Touch Emulsion (1.9% or 4%) results will vary based upon product selection. 


PRE-TREAT: Wella Professionals Shinefinity can be applied to pre-shampooed or dry hair. #PROTIP: For a softer result, pre-cleanse the hair with Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo, towel-dry, and proceed with color application. 
MIX: Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze + Activator (Brush and Bowl OR Bottle) in a 1:1 mixing ratio. Choose the application technique that works best for you and your salon guest. Apply from root to tip, sweep on between balayage, or enhance highlighted ribbons throughout. Get creative, have fun and watch as the hair transforms.  
DEVELOP: Once application is complete, develop Shinefinity for up to 20 minutes. #PROTIP: Enhance intensity and saturation with heat and a Climazon. 
WASH AND ‘GLOW’: After processing is complete, shampoo, condition, blow dry and GLOW.


Understanding the differences between Wella Professionals Color Touch and Shinefinity is essential to deliver elevated color results. The demi-permanent duo ensures the ultimate portfolio opportunity for professional haircolor with endless possibilities to discover. We can't wait to see what you create next. Happy Coloring!

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